Joey Barnett

CEO & Co-Founder

During the pandemic Joey co-founded Leslie and in this short time they have become the world's leading on-table QR payment provider, with teams scattered across the UK, US, Europe. Leslie helps venues hone-in and focus on capturing missed opportunity revenue within food, beverages and service sales globally. They are poised to be the leader in the ‘last mile of payments’ being the go-between the consumers & venues to Order, Tip & Pay.

Prior to co-founding Leslie, Joey spent the last 5 years focusing on investing, mentoring and advising early-stage start-ups. His business success is rooted in ambition, integrity and seizing the right opportunities at the right times.

Leslie is named after Joey's late grandfather, Leslie Barnett, who spent his whole life in Blackpool where Joey was born and raised.

The Leslie brand is named after him and the Leslie logo features a brand mark of a line drawing representation of a tangerine coloured flower. Tangerine is the colour of Blackpool Football Club and each petal within the brandmark corresponds to one of their four values; Reliability, Integrity, Making a difference and Energy. which lie at the very heart of Leslie, running through the veins of the brand, culture and business DNA.

Joey Barnett
Co-Founder - Leslie

T: +44 20 3981 8601
M: +44 7894 946 592