Episode 3: Recent Developments in High-End Dining in Saudi Arabia

Here's a quick teaser to what the discussion on high-end, fine-dining restaurants will look like at the Future Hospitality Summit, 2022.

We have Stefan Breg, MD Keane Consult & KSA in conversation with Abdullah Al Muslemani, CEO Crown & Co. and Jana Bader, General Manager, KSA, the bench for this podcast where they discuss the recent developments in high-end dining in Saudi Arabia, and what opportunities do the local players from the GCC region have in the global market.



00:00-00:08 FHS Introduction

00:09-01:18 Panel Introduction

01:19-02:11 Some of the best high-end restaurants

02:12-04:15 Which city in the world should Riyadh aspire to in terms of high-end dining?

04:16-05:25 Locally-owned high-end restaurants

05:26-09:10 What has held back local high-end restaurants in the GCC region from going global?

09:11-09:29 Outro


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